Up & Comming

--Status update on the V4 Trifecta’s and the new Ponchos --
I know many of you have been waiting patiently for the new V4 Trifectas, restock of the XL Trifecta and the new Poncho’s.

Unfortunately events beyond my control are delaying these from rolling out, namely the Corona Virus. My supply chain runs through China, I have many thousands of dollars in material that is essentially stuck in warehouses and factories in China.

I have repeatedly reached out to my manufacturing partners and have initially received good but tempered news on getting my goods. However in the past few weeks only 2 of my 5 contacts have responded with any updates.

At this point it is a waiting game for me. I am hopeful that my investment in materials will not be a wash and things will return to normal in the near future.

However I am looking for a contingency plan to re source materials in the meantime.

Anything on my site that says it is in stock, is in stock. I will not be pre selling anything that I do not have on hand.

My sincere apologies for all that have been waiting.

Brian Belcher

The V4 will have the ability to zip directly to another V4 Trifecta

Stay tuned, more great products coming soon!

Trifecta XL

The Trifecta XL can be used as a very large Bivvy or as a light weight solo tarp measuring 7.3' x  8.9' with 13 nylon tie outs.  Weighting in a 575 g or 20.2 oz